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House Music

Some forms persist durably in our subconsciousness, and they can surface out of context.  The pitched-roof house is one of these; we learn to draw it as children, we encounter it unendingly in the American landscape, and it is the icon to which the American dream is pinned.  And so, as I doodled some ideas for a speaker housing, this familiar shape found its way onto the page.  It turns out that there is a personal association, however oblique, between desktop speaker and iconic house form.  In the contemporary cultural and economic climate, the ideal of home-ownership provokes skepticism and desire in equal measure.  Young Americans on the cusp of financial adulthood have adjusted, distorted and scaled the dream to suit updated wants and restricted means.  For me, as for many creatives, my desk is my domain.   It's where I take refuge when I need space to think and to work.  It's the place where my ideas live, develop and take shape.  It's where I am most comfortable.  It is home.