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Hi I'm Mark.  I design and make things.

In particular, I'm interested in the creation of spaces and products that might not exist without some help.  There are ideas whose time has come, and then there are ideas that might never be realized without a timely infusion of vision, creative problem-solving, and sheer stubbornness.  Unlikely Creatures is devoted to the second set.

Ideas of the first sort effectively take care of themselves; they are being realized constantly and everywhere along the world's various paths-of-least-resistance.  These ideas produce objects and environments that are expected, ubiquitous and easily attained.  And while such banality is inevitable in the age of focus-group-driven design, if I'm going to stay up all night, it will be for something less likely, something that needs a little push.

Unlikely Creatures is a collection of projects, objects and environments that owe their existences less to probability than possibility.  They are the products of wee-hour brainstorms, countless crumpled sketches, bizarre assumptions, basic curiosity and near-maniacal diligence.  I hope you find them slightly strange.  I hope you find them uncommonly beautiful.  I hope you find them altogether unlikely.

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